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April 2017: ECGG is excited to announce that we are organizing a field school to India’s Chilika Lagoon from May 4 – 8, 2017. The field school, “Coastal Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services Amidst Rapid Change” is being organized in collaboration with the Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and NIRMAN Odisha. For more information, please see our page and our brochure.

March 2017: On March 21, ECGG is once again taking over Ontario Research Matters’ Instagram! The theme of the takeover is “People, fish, and water”. Be sure to take a look!

March 2017: Ana Carolina Esteves Dias was put in the spotlight by the Community Conservation Research Network. She discusses her research on human interactions with coastal zones and future research plans here!

March 2017: Dani Lindamood has been busy reflecting on her experiences in the Collaborative Water Program and her time in India as researcher and a participant of the Water Innovation Lab. Her blog posts have been featured by the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Environment and Water Institute. Links can be found here.

February 2017: Congratulations to Graham Epstein and colleagues who have published a paper on the social, ecological, and governance characteristics of successful large marine protected areas. They identify factors affecting social wellbeing and ecological performance of large MPAs using a global meta-analysis of cases.

February 2017: ECGG takes over Your Ontario Research Matters’ Instagram account on February 21! The theme of the takeover is “A day in the life of interdisciplinary science” and showcases the interdisciplinary nature of the research being undertaken by ECGG members.

February 2017: Congratulations to Evan Andrews and Derek Armitage for publishing the first OceanCanada working paper in the new OceanCanada Working Paper Series. The paper is titled “Adaptive Governance of Social-Ecological Regime Shifts in Coastal Fishery Systems: A Case Study of a Potential Regime Shift in a Shrimp Fishery System in Northern Newfoundland, Canada” and examines key sources of uncertainty for decision-making for regime shifts in a governance context.

February 2017: Evan Andrews, Derek Armitage, and colleague Carie Hoover have led OceanCanada’s Governance and Wellbeing Cluster in developing an expert survey to understand successes and patterns of fisheries governance. This is an ongoing initiative which aims to contribute to a shared vision for Canada’s fisheries governance.

February 2017: Irene Brueckner-Irwin competed in the Faculty of Environment’s heat for the 3-Minute Thesis at the University of Waterloo on February 13. The topic of her presentation was “The Implications of Marine Protected Areas on Coastal Community Wellbeing.”

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