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November 2016: ECGG members have contributed to two new papers! Ahmed Khan and Derek Armitage, along with Tony Charles at Saint Mary’s University, have authored a paper in Climate Policy addressing the mismatch between sector-based adaptation and municipal adaptation efforts in Nova Scotia. Graham Epstein also collaborated on a paper in Biological Conservation about the conservation sciences, traversing an impressive interdisciplinary terrain.

November 2016: On November 16, Irene Brueckner-Irwin participated in a panel at the St. Andrews Biological Station (DFO) about perspectives on marine protected areas in the Bay of Fundy. The panel brought together diverse perspectives on objectives for marine resources in the bay, and the potential impact of marine protected areas. It was part of UNB Saint John’s Marine Biology Fall semester based at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre.

November 2016: Congratulations to Jeremy Pittman and colleagues on their just published and very cool paper in Frontiers in Marine Science on negotiating biodiversity in marine areas beyond national jurisdictions. Their poster on the same topic presented at the recent PICES (North Pacific Marine Science Organization meeting also won the best poster award!

October 2016: Cheryl Chan was recently awarded a David Johnston International Experience Award (McCall MacBain), an award from the University of Waterloo that supports students gaining international experience in a developing country. She will use this award to return to her research site in Bluefields, Jamaica, where she plans to share her research findings with the community.

October 2016: On October 27, 2016, Cheryl Chan and Ana Carolina Dias guest lectured in Coastal Social-Ecological Systems, a third year undergraduate course at the University of Waterloo. The theme of the class was Elinor Ostrom’s design principles. Cheryl presented her current master’s research on an MPA in Bluefields, Jamaica, and Ana Carolina shared her completed master’s work on an MPA in Tarituba, Brazil.

October 2016: On October 29, 2016, Cheryl Chan co-chaired and presented at a session for CAGONT 2016, titled “Trials and Tribulations of Field Work”. This session which also involved other ECGG members and focused on the experiences of researchers while they are in the field and on how to build resilient research practices. It was well-attended and generated great discussion.

October 2016: Derek Armitage gave a ‘lunchtime’ talk recently at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), along with his colleagues from the SRC and Brock University. They were at the SRC for a week-long workshop on diagnosing and assessing how adaptive co-management works in the context of biosphere reserves in Canada and Sweden. A major emphasis in this project is to quantitatively measure how ‘outcomes’ from community conservation initiatives like those associated with biosphere reserves, can be empirically linked to specific types of collaborative practices and learning processes.

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