• Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Old whaling station, Nunavut

  • Negril, Jamaica

  • Tam Giang Lagoon, Vietnam

  • Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Slave River Delta, Northwest Territories


March 2015: Collaboration led by Graham Epstein (Ostrom Workshop, Indiana U.) and Jeremy Pittman has resulted in a new paper that develops a typology of three types of fit between institutions and social-ecological systems.

March 2015: Key science-policy processes for effective water governance have been synthesized by Derek Armitage and colleagues in a new Ambio paper.

March 2015: Ahmed Khan has been busy pulling together research papers on Ebola and the food security nexus in West Africa and ecosystem-based adaptation and marine spatial planning in Seychelles.

February 2015: Prateep Nayak continues to bring governance insights for coastal lagoons to life as lead author on two new publications:
(1) Chapter on institutional pluralism, multilevel arrangements and polycentrism in a new book edited by M. Bavinck and A. Jyotishi.
(2) Nayak, Armitage and Andrachuk paper on power & politics of regime shifts in coastal lagoons in Regional Environmental Change.

November 2014: Steve Alexander and Jeremy Pittman are getting started on a new SESYNC-funded project looking at the role of governance in dealing with surprises.

Fall 2014: Several new ECGG-led publications are recently available online:
J. Pittman et al. on governance for climate change in the Caribbean in Marine Policy.
P. Nayak et al. on threats to social-ecological resilience in India and Brazil in Ecology & Society.
S. Alexander commentary in Aquatic Conservation on social dimensions of marine protected area networks.

October 2014: Derek Armitage is a partner on the recently announced OceanCanada Partnership that will look at approaches for how to build resilience for our coastal communities and marine ecosystems. Team members involved with the coastal communities component met in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia to kick off the project and were featured in local news.

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