Conference season is just around the corner and that means many members of the Environmental Change and Governance Group are busy preparing for upcoming presentations. Group members will be at a number of national and international conferences over the next few months. If you happen to be attending any of these conferences check out one of the talks to learn more about our recent work.


Resilience 2014: Resilience & development mobilizing for transformation

Montpellier, France: May 4 – 8, 2014 

Steven Alexander and Derek Armitage. Examining local level dynamics in an emerging network of co-managed marine reserves in Jamaica. As part of session entitled: ‘Understanding Collaboration in Governance Arrangements through Network Analysis’

Mark Andrachuk and Derek Armitage. Investigating an emerging network for small-scale fishery governance in the Cau Hai lagoon and what it means for social-ecological transformation. As part of session entitled: ‘Understanding Collaboration in Governance Arrangements through Network Analysis’

Prateep Nayak. Simplifying the ‘complex’:  Misunderstood resilience and pseudo transformations in forest and coastal social-ecological systems, India. As part of a session entitled: ‘Problem-oriented approaches to the study of social-ecological systems’

Prateep Nayak, Derek Armitage and Mark Andrachuk. Linking regime shifts and environmental governance for social-ecological resilience in coastal lagoon systems.

Prateep Nayak, Luiz Eduardo Chimello de Oliveira and Fikret Berkes. Poverty, Degradation and Rebuilding Fisheries: Social-Ecological Resilience in India and Brazil. As part of a session entitled: ‘Coasts, Communities and Conservation: Applying a Social-Ecological Systems Lens’

Kaitlyn Rathwell and Andrea Mauro. Co-producing Musical Soundscapes: Expanding Experiential knowledge about Complex Environmental Change. Dialogue Session

Kaitlyn Rathwell Bridging scientific and Inuit Knowledge systems through collaborative mural-making. As part of a panel session entitled: ‘ Imagining the Future in the Anthropocene – Overcoming Cognitive Limitations with the Help of Art and Culture’

Fikret Berkes and Kaitlyn Rathwell. Food Security in the Canadian North. As part of a panel session entitled: ‘Resilience at the Margins’

Kaitlyn Rathwell will also be showcasing a collaborative performance with Post-Normal before the gala dinner entitled Expressing felt knowledge of environmental transformation through music.


Canadian Association of Geographers

Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario: May 26 – 30, 2014

Shandel Brown. Sense of place and adaptive capacity: preparedness of Nova Scotian fishing communities to deal with the impacts of climate change. As part of the session entitled: ‘Community Based Assessments: Understanding adaptation in coastal communities’

Prateep Nayak.Abrupt Changes in Chilika Lagoon Social-Ecological System: An Historical Analysis. As part of the session entitled: ‘Living with social-ecological change: Experiences from global South and North’


Environmental Studies Association of Canada

Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario: May 27 – 29, 2014

Brad May. Leadership in Support of a Polycentric Climate Change Adaptation Practice.


Coastal Zone Canada Conference

Halifax, Nova Scotia: June 15 – 18 , 2014

Shandel Brown. Main insights from a Community-Based Vulnerability Assessment (CBVA) identifying climate change vulnerabilities and adaptive strategies for fisheries in the Shelburne and Queens Regions of Nova Scotia. As part of the session entitled: ‘Getting Future Ready: Planning for Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Canada’s Small Coastal Communities’


6th British-Caribbean Geography Seminar:

The Caribbean Region: Adaptation and Resilience to Global Change

The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica: June 23 – 27, 2014 

Steven Alexander, Derek Armitage, Jeremy Pittman and Donovan Campbell. Multilevel governance and climate change adaptation in Jamaica’s coastal-marine environment.

Jeremy Pittman, Derek Armitage, Steve Alexander and Donovan Campbell. Governance fit for climate change in a Caribbean coastal-marine context: Case study of the Soufriere Marine Management Area, St. Lucia.


World Congress of Environmental History

Guimarães, Portugal: July 8 – 12, 2014

Prateep Nayak Fishing for power: Influence of history and politics on environmental change and fishers’ marginalization in Chilika Lagoon, India.


Summer Institute on Applied Climate Change

University of Prince Edward Island, PEI: July 17, 2014

Brad May. Climate Change Adaptation Leadership (module)


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