Past Graduate Students

Mark Andrachuk (PhD), 2017. Pathways for Social-ecological Transformation in the Cau Hai Lagoon, Vietnam

Thomas Dyck (PhD), 2017. First Nations and adaptive water governance in Southern Ontario, Canada (Co-supervised with Dr. R. Plummer)

Cheryl Chan (MES), 2017. Ecosystem services and social wellbeing linkages: The impact of a marine protected area in Bluefields, Jamaica

Fatima (Noori) Khan, 2017. Women and environmental change: A case study of small-scale fisheries in Chilika Lagoon

Samantha Berdej (PhD), 2017. Bridging organizations to improve conservation fit in the Coral Triangle

Alvin Thompson (PhD), 2016. Towards new perspectives in integrated coastal management: Prospects for responding to changes affecting coastal area tourism systems (Co-supervised with Dr. J. Wandel)

Kaitlyn Rathwell (PhD), 2016. Examining the potential of Inuit art and artistic processes to facilitate knowledge
system bridging about environmental change

Jeremy Pittman (PhD), 2016. Governance across the land-sea interface

Steven Alexander (PhD), 2015. The ties that bind: Connections, patterns, and possibilities for Marine Protected Areas

Stefanie Kibsey (MES), 2015. Science-Policy linkages at the International Joint Commission

Ashok Selvaraj (MES), 2015. Social-ecological system change and adaptation: a case of Chilika lagoon small-scale fishery, India

Shandel Brown (MES), 2015. “We have the best life there ever was”: Linking sense of place and adaptive capacity in Nova Scotia’s coastal communities

Jennifer Fresque-Baxter (PhD), 2014. ‘Water is life’: Exploring the relationship between place identity, water, and adaptive capacity in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada

Blair Carter (MES), 2014. Water and Social Well-Being in the Northwest Territories

Abdullah-Al Mamun (PhD), 2013. Co-management and Community-Based Organizations: Issues of Participation, Capacity Building, and Sustainability of Local Institutions in Fisheries Systems of Bangladesh (Co-supervised with Dr. S. Slocombe)

Sheri Longboat (PhD), 2012. First Nation Water Security and Collaborative Governance: Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, Ontario, Canada

Samantha M. Berdej (MES), 2011. Agreements on Conservation in Lore Lindu National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia (Co-supervised with Dr. S. Slocombe)

Ryan Bullock (PhD), 2010. A Critical Frame Analysis of Northern Ontario’s ‘Forestry Crisis’ (Co-supervised with Dr. B. Mitchell)

Sonia Wesche (PhD), 2009. Exploring Indigenous Understandings of Environmental Change and Adaptation in the Slave River Delta, Northwest Territories (Co-supervised with Dr. S. Slocombe)

Wilf Tschirhart (PhD), 2009. Toward a Holistic Approach to the Conservation Management of Southern Ontario’s Small Protected Areas (Co-supervised with Dr. S. Slocombe)

Rob Pietrzak (MES), 2009. Forestry-Based Livelihoods in Central Vietnam: An Examination of the Acacia Commodity Chain (A Case from Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam)

Aaron Dale (MES), 2009. Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Adaptive Co-Management: A Case Study of Narwhal Co-Management in Arctic Bay, Nunavut

Melanie Venne (MES), 2007. An Analysis of the Social Aspects of Forest Stewardship Council Forest Certification in Three Ontario Case Studies (Co-supervised with Dr. K. Hanna)