Marine Protected Areas and Coastal Community Wellbeing in the Bay of Fundy

Irene Brueckner-Irwin | June – November 2016

In Southwest New Brunswick, Irene is investigating the relationship between marine protected areas and the social-ecological wellbeing of coastal communities with a focus on local fisheries. Some photos from her field season are shown below, demonstrating the some examples of both livelihoods and beautiful marine spaces worthy of protection.

Musquash Region

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Musquash MPA harbour Musquash MPA marsh
 musq1five-fathom-hike-min  musq1img_0172-min
Five Fathom Wharf in the Musquash MPA Lobster traps at Dipper Harbour

Outer Quoddy Ecologically and Biologically Significant Area

 musq1five-fathom-hike-min  musq1img_0172-min
Fishing a herring weir close to Deer Island The West Isles
 musq1five-fathom-hike-min  musq1img_0172-min
Sunset from Campobello Island Minke whale off Campobello Island
Lobster fishing close to The Wolves islands