No matter the research context or question, transversal or cross-cutting topics are embedded within political, social, economic and cultural dimensions of governance. Colonialism, paternalism and conflict are some examples of transversal topics often influencing who makes decisions and what roles and responsibilities different actors may have in the governance of common resources. Research that acknowledges these topics provides broad perspectives on justice, inequality, and power.

Transversal topics, however, are often unseen and sometimes unexpected, challenging our capacity as researchers and practitioners to assess and discern their role in governance. How can researchers acknowledge and better understand these topics?

This May in the International Association for the Study of the Commons Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, ECGG members Luisa Ramirez and Thomas Dyck will be hosting a participatory dialogue session to explore transversal topics and the challenges that researchers and practitioners encounter within commons resource governance.

Join the conversation and network with us in Edmonton or on twitter (#ECGG) as we gather collective insights and strategies to navigate transversal topics in commons resource governance.

During and after the conference come back here on the ECGG website to find a summary of what was shared.

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